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Rewriting Service

Plagiarism is a severe academic misconduct and is greatly frowned upon in academic. However, plagiarism may not always be intentional: Plagiarism can also be accidental. Especially in the introduction and methods section of your manuscript, accidental plagiarism can arise from various improper writing practices such as inadequate paraphrasing of the papers you are referring to, failure to appropriately cite sources, and even excessive use of quoted text.

These differences notwithstanding, the consequences of accidental plagiarism and self-plagiarism can be as severe as deliberate plagiarism and can even result in desk rejection (i.e., rejection without peer review). If the plagiarism is identified after publication, the paper may even be retracted by the journal.
If you are unsure whether your level of paraphrasing is adequate, you may use plagiarism detection services, such asiThenticate, to determine how similar your paper is to other published papers.

We can perform this check on your behalf, or you can send us a report you already have. If the score received is unacceptable, we can rewrite the offending sections of your manuscript!* You may also opt for a post-rewriting similarity score check to ensure that the rewriting efforts have been successful.

Do you need rewriting for nonplagiarism-related needs? Please send us your requirements, and we can rewrite your text to your liking and per your instructions.

We typically do not rewrite manuscripts with a very high similarity score, especially in the results/main analysis/discussion sections

Footnote: *Please note that an iThenticate similarity score of less than 15%–20% may not be possible in some manuscripts, such as in manuscripts with a high density of technical terms that cannot be rephrased. Nevertheless, such similarity would likely not be a problem as it is not considered plagiarism. In addition, please note that we rewrite from the language perspective only. We will ensure that the meaning and academic content of your text remains unaltered.

Please contact us for more details.

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